Pinnup Records

Emma Mai

Breaking from the Musical theatre background she started in Emma is taking the music world by storm with her melodic vocals, raw guitar,
Soulful piano and chilled stripped pack Drums. Emma’s new album Luckiest girl alive is going to enable her on her Musical journey and into the music industry.

Taking you back to the beginning Emma started off with Writing stories and poems from a very young age, about her experiences, little did she know what this would lead to down the line. During her teen years Emma found a love and passion for Musical theatre and took herself on this journey through college and university. Straight out of university Emma found herself on tour with musical theatre all the while still writing poems and stories.

Always being a natural performer Emma soon found herself as an entertainer and seeing the happy faces of the crowd drove the passion for what was next to come. Getting back home and looking at all the poems Emma found herself in the right place at the right time and began writing emotional, to the point, heart felt songs before she knew it she had the Emma that would break her into the industry; Luckiest Girl Alive, taking inspirations from Ariana Grande, Joni Mitchell and Taylor Swift, before calling on other inspirational artist to her, Dodie for Lyric Writing

Luckiest Girl Alive is Emma’s Debut album bring the raw emotion from a magnitude of changes and good and bad experiences that came from the turbulent time she was living in. Taking therapy from the writing Luckiest Girl Alive took us on a Journey of a girl trying to find herself and learning to not be afraid of what might happen in the future, and embracing the new journey she was about to embark on.

Emma’s debut single is a powerful, self preservation statement song. With the emotions of anger striking through with the electric guitar, Crying Over You in the heaviest song on the album, giving the edge that was missing before. Channeling disappointment and wasting of precious time Crying Over You was created, and is just another step on the musical journey you will be taken on during the listen to Luckiest Girl Alive.

With her Journey just beginning. Emma is keen to share all her stories with you through her strong vibrato and sweet soft vocals. Through Her emotion driven songs she is determined to put her passion for music to good use. Emma’s captivating performances give her audiences a taste of what it’s like to be part of her writing process and live in the moment. Emma is going to strike in the music industry with a bang, she is one to keep an eye on and look out for in the future.